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Thozhamai means ‘Solidarity’ on which the organisation is built and functions. It Started in 2006, primarily as a resource centre for human rights, it was now grown into a leading full-fledged community development

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organisation, with focus on urban poor. Thozhamai is widely acclaimed for its multipronged and holistic approach to enhancing the quality of lives at Semmancherry relocation sites. Thozhamai has carved a niche role for itself as facilitator of human rights processes and active partner of domestic CSOs with an aim to develop and nurture a ‘Rights’ culture and consciousness amongst diverse stakeholders. In 2007 a fact-finding mission to Semmancherry relocation site led to a felt need for a policy shift amongst its members. Taken aback by the appalling situation of the forcefully relocated people and the extent of human rights violations, being continually perpetuated on them by duty bearers themselves and the realisation that social solidarity though an important component of advocacy and political action.