Slavery & Human Trafficking

Shout for Freedom Project Objective:

The core objective of the Shout for Freedom project is to cultivate a society where the most vulnerable segments experience equality, social justice, freedom, fraternity, and democracy. This endeavor involves targeted campaigns aimed at duty bearers, advocating for transformative practices, and forging robust connections between local, district, and national levels to foster solidarity. Through collaborative networks, coalitions, and alliances, the project seeks to amplify the voices of marginalized communities.

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Project Summary:

The Shout for Freedom project, coordinated by the Secretariat Office, serves as a unifying force for a coalition of like-minded individuals and organizations committed to combating bonded labor and human trafficking. The project action plan is designed to bolster the operational efficiency of the Shout for Freedom coalition, raise awareness about bonded labor and human trafficking, reshape public perceptions, and enhance the functionality of existing mechanisms. Additionally, the project endeavors to champion the implementation of both national and international commitments while crafting grassroots-driven strategies.

Project Impact:

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, relief provisions were distributed to support migrant workers in the United States through coalition channels. Furthermore, the project conducted webinars and released comprehensive reports shedding light on the challenges endured by migrant workers during COVID-19 lockdowns.