COVID-19, the name was alien to many until it devastated the world. In simple words it made the world pause. Everything was shut, even meeting people nor walking in the streets. India with its staggering population had its toll. The scale of the crisis COVID made to human race has been unprecedented. National and state Governments grappled with challenges of reaching their people especially in rural areas and highly populated places like the resettlement areas.

Thozhamai was never stopped by this pandemic. We were able to raise over 7Lakh rupees and support nearly 2000 families, 4018 children, 105 persons where COVID -19 patients, 700 adolescent girls and 3244 people. Our beneficiaries were Domestic workers, daily wage earners, street vendors, transgenders, children, migrants, women who were living alone, sanitary workers, Differently Abled individuals, senior citizens and extremely marginalized individuals were supported.

We provided then with materials that supported cooking, Eggs, milk, Sanitary Napkins for the adolescent girls, dry rations, readily cooked food, biscuits and snacks for children, masks to prevent themselves.

We are thankful to our generous donors who include individual donors, Stella Maris College (Autonomous), Institute of Franciscan Missionaries of Mary , Chennai; Ketto Online Venture through crowd funding; Mr,Christine C Lim; RGLSI Lodge Mount Charity No. 232; Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India Charitable Trust; Indian Dream.